Has your schoolyard been winterized yet?

Here are some easy ways to ensure that your schoolyard stays safe and functional through the winter months:

  • The Drinking Fountain needs to be turned off and the lines drained for the winter. We recommend turning it off before November 10th (though it’s been a warm winter) and leaving it off until all danger of freezing conditions has past, usually by early April. If it does freeze with water in it, it will break the drinking fountain. Your drinking fountain is most likely the Pro Concrete, Aquarian model, Type “D”. Pro Concrete can be contacted at 718 657 9131 to order additional parts.
  • Color Seal, the sports markings and art on the ground, can last several years if treated properly. The greatest damage to color seal is done accidentally during snow removal. Please observe the following to best protect the surface:
    • Do not use chains on snow plow tires on the color seal area
    • When it is necessary to use a plow, cover the sharp edge with a cloth or rag to prevent scraping of the color seal.
    • Avoid excessive salt use (Please note excessive salt use can also damage concrete curbs); NYC DPR recommends sand or calcium chloride not rock salt.
  • Turf fields cannot be plowed, snow must be allowed to melt on them.

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