Story Laurie

Some of the highlights of PS 164’s 2015 “Spring Green Festival” were the amazing student performances. Students sang and danced to songs about the water system and the environment. Every student was engaged and committed to their performance because…they wrote the songs! We strongly believe that engaging students in the arts serves as an excellent way to get students interested in environmental topics.

Story Laurie

Story Laurie is an amazing arts educator who “can work with your students to develop songs and stories specific to your school and community’s needs”. Read more here.

This year, Laurie became an official DOE vendor! If you’re interested in bringing Story Laurie to your school, a great way to fund the project would be to apply for available grant funds through the Catskill Watershed Corporation’s Public Education Program. Funded by the NYC DEP, the grants are available to schools in NYC, as well as the upstate watershed region. The deadline for grant-supported Fall 2016 projects is February 1, 2016! We hope you apply.

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