(Food) Trash to (Black) Treasure

While many of us are still paralyzed by our Thanksgiving food-comas, now is the best time to talk trash. Food trash, to be specific.

According to the NY Post, Americans throw out $165 Billion in uneaten food annually, with $227 Million happening on one day: Thanksgiving. While it’s important to prevent food waste, it is also valuable to know what to do with that moldy loaf of bread.

The New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY), in partnership with the Lower East Side Ecology Center, offers Food Scrap Drop-off Sites, where your food scraps will be composted into black gold. Click here to see a map, including operating hours and days.

Food waste sent to landfills often release methane, rather than carbon dioxide, due to the anaerobic environment. Methane is a significantly more powerful and dangerous Greenhouse Gas than carbon dioxide, which is why it is important to mitigate food waste from going to our landfills.


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