Planning a Successful Playground Event

Planning a successful playground event is all about strong preparation. See our step by step guide below.

Eight steps for a successful event:

1) Organize your planning team

Tap multiple stakeholders and delegate responsibilities. If your event needs funding, make sure you have some designated fundraisers or fundraising coordinators on your team and begin planning at least 4 months ahead.

2) Develop event goals and objectives

Assemble your planning team and identify your goals and objectives. Are you having a school event or community event? How many people would you like to attend? Defining parameters will help you with budget planning.

3) Set a date and time

Make sure that you double check your date/time against religious holidays, school holidays, and any other popular neighborhood events.

4) Develop a logistics plan

Divide your event into categories of need: Materials, Staffing, Etc. Use this to help decipher what you will need and when. The easiest way to do this is to make a plan for what needs to be done leading up to the event and a “run of show” for the day of the event.

5) Assess volunteer needs and partnerships

Assess how many volunteers you need and where you will station volunteers. It is typically a good idea to allocate 1-3 “floats” who can run errands or assist with unanticipated issues.facepaintnig

6) Publicize the event

Make sure that you have a catchy flyer for your event. Make sure your flyer passes the Who, What, When, Where, Why test! Use this flyer to share widely on social media, email listservs, and physically positing where appropriate. If you are hosting a larger event it can be helpful to have a committee devoted to invitations and promoting the event.


7) Finalize details and execute your event

Create a run of show for your event. By planning your schedule for set up, event time, and break down you will be able to identify holes in your planning and to ensure that you have sufficient staff and materials for your event.

8) Follow-up and evaluate event 

The best way to ensure that you have another successful event is to thank everyone involved! Hand written thank you cards are the way to go. Have the planning committee sit together for a debrief on the event– what went well? What did not? After the debrief order pizza and split thank you card writing evenly. The event chair or head organizer should be responsible for thanking the committee.

Need more resources? Check out our Event Planning page for more resources

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