Tree Care Basics


img_7641-2.jpgWater Weekly

For the first few years, watering is the most important thing you can do for your trees.

Water 15-20 gallons a week May-Oct.  Fill the tree-gator bag, pour three or four large buckets or let the hose flow for 15 minutes.

Water 2X a week in July and August.

Trees- Tree Pit 16

Cultivate and Fertilize the Soil

Cultivating or loosening soil allows water and oxygen to better reach trees’ roots.  Using a hand cultivator or spading fork, gently rake over the top two or three inches. Break up large lumps. Be careful not to damage shallow tree roots, which begin just a few inches below soil’s surface.

Once loosened, enhance the soil by mixing in a two-inch layer of humus, compost, or new topsoil. Do this at lease once a year (usually early April) during the growing season; finish with a layer of mulch.


New trees should have a layer of mulch installed. Once it has worn away, spread a new layer two-three inches deep to keep the weeds down and moisture in.

Mulch twice a year in spring and fall.  Be sure to leave a six-inch well with no mulch around the trunk of the tree, as extra mulch or soil piled around the base can cause the bark to rot.

Hurt TreeProtect the Tree From Harm

Bark can be damaged by accident, vandalism, or girdling, which is the removal of bark all around the tree. Bark damage or girdling blocks the transport of food and water around the tree and can eventually kill it, if severe enough.

If your trees have been planted for one year, you can prune off the broken, low, or overlapping branches. See our post on Tree Pruning here.

If a tree in your yard dies, we can get it replaced via it’s warranty. Send us a picture of the dead tree to get the process started.


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