Schools That Can – Fall 2020

Praise to all teachers! We’re amazed with how all NYC educators have navigated all that’s been asked of them over the last few months. When we shared the training on Trauma-informed Teaching, we had the impacts of Covid-19 in mind. Of course, students and school communities have been dealing with trauma-inducing systemic racism manifest in unequal access to resources, healthcare as well as exposure to disproportionate environmental inequalities and police brutality . We’ll be signing up to participate this conversation on June 23rd hosted by “Schools That Can” on looking ahead to Fall 2020.

The conversation will convene a “network of young people, educators and industry professionals to discuss what young people need for a successful transition into fall 2020. In this interactive chat, join students, educators and professionals in conversation about real world issues, and collaborate with STC to co-design programming to address the needs facing young people this summer 2020.”

We know that there’s a lot of uncertainty at what the Fall will look like, but we hope you’ll consider us as a resource for support. Some guiding questions:

  • If permitted, consider utilizing our Mini-grant program to plan a outdoor community event. Can we help you with sanitizing play equipment or brainstorm ways to practice social distancing in the schoolyard?
  • If school returns to the building in the Fall, how can you use the schoolyard and outdoor classroom as a place to teach? Teaching in the fresh air may be a safer option and using movement can help some students focus their energy.
  • The many social, emotional, health, and mental health benefits of play have never been more important to remember in this stressful and socially isolating time. How will your school focus on play and connection as an equal priority to academic achievement this Fall?

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