Teach for Justice

As you plan for Fall 2020, we want to pass along some resources for support around social justice education. We’re hearing more and more discourse around investing in community-based solutions to community challenges, and we think playgrounds, school gardens, and community programming can be a big part of envisioning this new investment. Here are some amazing resources, a grant program, and educator trainings from “Teachers Pay Teachers” that might support you in that journey. We encourage you to think about how we can help and how you might utilize your community-designed playground as a space to heal, connect, learn, and celebrate progress.

Here are the three initiatives being launched by Teachers Pay Teachers

1) Amplifying Black Educator Voices and Social Justice Resources 

Across our channels, we will highlight Black educators, their TpT stores, and important resources members of our community can use now to start critical conversations with students. There are perspectives and resources on TpT that can move this conversation forward, and we are focused on using our platform to amplify these voices.

2) Launching $100,000 Grant Program for Educators to Create Additional Resources

TpT will propel these conversations further and be a catalyst for change. This means encouraging educators to develop additional anti-racist and social justice resources. 

To make that happen, TpT will fund $100,000 in the form of grants to educators to help develop these educational resources. These grants will support and give voice to educators as they create additional vital resources to help all educators teach about race and social justice. We will share more details on the grant application process in the coming days, so please stay tuned.

3) Providing Free Social Justice and Anti-Racist Learning Opportunities for All Educators

We want to make it possible for every teacher to have the training opportunities they need to support essential conversations with students about racism and social justice.

In the coming days, we will announce free professional learning opportunities for the full TpT community focused on anti-racist education and teaching students about identity, diversity, justice, and action.

These three initiatives reflect our foundational belief in the power of the TpT’s diverse community to stand for Black lives and work for change. Everyone has a role to play. Together, we will do our part to create a more just and equitable world.

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