Coming Together Through Stories

BROOKLYN, NY- Photos by Joe Martinez from the NYCTrust for Public Land playground opening ceremony at PS 156 Waverly and IS 392 on September 20, 2019.

In our years working with communities to design and program their playgrounds, we’ve heard countless stories emerge around the life of a school, neighborhood, and playground. Each playground is its own little universe. We know that people heal, connect, and learn from community and generational stories, and we love finding ways to uplift and foster that storytelling.

As you look to this Summer and Fall, we want to share this beautiful four-part unit on Storytelling called “Coming Together Through Stories” developed by The Public Good Project. The project is “aimed at helping students cope with the social and emotional aspects of this current moment- in particular, the continued fight against anti-Black racism and the COVID-19 pandemic.”

We wonder how the playground might be used as a nexus for this type of healing and storytelling, whether a teacher this Fall might want to use this unit directly or a Summer learning program might use it as inspiration for their own projects.

We want to hear from you and how we can support storytelling in the playground through a program, lesson planning, or event! Reach out to Tiffany.Briery (at) to brainstorm or share your ideas!

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