Art in the Garden

On of the subject areas that can easily be taken to the garden or an outdoor classroom is art! Being outside allows you to get a little messy with art projects you’d normally do be wary to do inside, but the garden can also offer up free natural materials and inspiration for art projects. Here are some ideas the art activities in the yard:

  • Fall Leaf Mandalas – collect falling leaves, sticks, or other loose garden materials and have students aim for symmetry as they arrange their materials on the ground, on a piece of paper, or combine w paint for some leaf printing. I did this one with some Nasturtium flowers (though you may want to only pick weeds like Morning Glory flowers to combine this activity with some stewardship!) This GSA Schoolyard Activity Guide has a great version using contact paper:
  • My Life as a Tree – have students observe the trees in their playground and then explain how trees all have one ring for each year of their life. Have the students create their own tree-ring self-portraits, drawing or writing memories or events from each year of their lives.
  • Build a Bug – Learn about nature’s buggy mimics, including stick bugs, some spiders, and the flower mantis. Have students collect natural materials and design their own bugs!

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