LES Ecology Center

Our Trust for Public Land NYC Community Schoolyards have benefitted all year from generous compost donations from the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

The center is located in East River Park where you can spot huge piles of compost in various stages of their journey from food scraps to nutrient-rich compost.

If you’re part of a school or community garden, you can request a donation to be delivered to your site or pick up a donation in a vehicle at the center. They will provide you with shovels and bags to bag up your compost. We’ve used carloads of compost across the five boroughs.

The compost can then be mixed into your tree pits, garden areas, or raised beds to improve the health of your garden.

Please find their donation form here. Thank you Lower East Side Ecology Center!

Visit their website to explore their useful e-waste services, compost education, and advocacy programs.

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