NYC’s Water Story – Lessons and Activities from DEP

These lessons and activities developed by New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (in partnership with teachers) “were designed to help your students explore their relationship with tap water and watersheds, with flushing toilets and wastewater
treatment, and rainfall and local water ecology.”

Please find DEP’s six unit K-8 STEM lessons here: Understanding NYC’s Water Story: A Curriculum Guide for the Classroom

Your Green Infrastructure playgrounds offer solution-focused outdoor classrooms from which to do these activities. From the turf field, which keeps water from overwhelming sewage treatment plants during rain storms, to the tree plantings and green-roof gazebos, which channel water to shade-giving plant life, your playground offers a multitude of examples of the cooling, air quality improving, and pollution-fighting benefits of NYC’s green infrastructure.

DEP also offers field trips across the city to parks and and water treatments plants, virtual tours, teacher trainings, educational performances, and other environmental education modules. See more on their education page here.

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