Emerson Collective Garden Grants

Emerson Collective is launching a special initiative focused on community and school gardens. They are inviting proposals from schools and non-profits who are ready to build, improve, or expand community or school gardens.

Here’s what we know:

·       Selected organizations will receive a two-year grant, providing funding of up to $10,000 in the first year and $5,000 in the second year, to transform or renovate spaces into gardens for the shared benefit of the community or school.

·       The application deadline is Saturday, April 30, 2022. The good news is that the application, located in the link provided here, consists of a two page narrative and a simple budget. This link also contains a list of questions to think about as you complete the application.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We’ve created draft narrative language for the three questions in the application.
  • The language is general, about the overall need for green schoolyards and gardens. Feel free to change it or add your own language. The draft includes some additional questions to help you add specific language pertaining to your school.
  • We’ve created a list of budget items and some sample language for the budget narrative. Please research costs based on your local plant nurseries and garden stores.
    • If you already have a TPL garden, we encourage you to improve and expand by budgeting for plants, organic soil, tools, a shed or Jobox, student and adult sized gloves, and environmental education materials (see full list of items above).
    • If you’re a TPL playground site that does not have a garden, and if you think there may be interest in one, we encourage you to build one with this grant. This could be raised beds added onto your playground in a place that gets a lot of sunshine and has access to a water connection or in any other space around your school building that makes sense.
    • Either way, we encourage you to budget for stipends for teachers, PTA, or community run garden clubs, partnerships, events, and stewardship activities.

We probably haven’t covered every possibility, but we hope what’s here is helpful.

A few things:

  • Please feel free to share this with others in your network. This is a schoolyard and community garden opportunity, and is not restricted to Trust for Public Land projects (unlike our mini-grant).
  • This grant can be used to support staffing, stipends, and infrastructure (office space for a garden intern, funding for help incorporating garden learning into your curriculum).
  • This grant can also be used to support multiple years of garden operations. Please be sure to show how that will work in your budget.

If you decide to apply for the grant, please let us know. The last box in the application asks how you learned about this opportunity. Please indicate that you learned about it from Trust for Public Land if that’s the case! 

Do reach out if you have any questions. Thank you!

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