Schoolyard Workshop Recap

In case you couldn’t join our 2023 schoolyards stewardship workshop, here’s a little recap:

We started out sharing some memories and observations of play. Highlights include:

  • One teacher reported out that the student newspaper at her elementary school, patiently awaiting their new playground to be completed, published a front page headline of “This Isn’t Real Recess!”. The school’s been hosting recess in the gym, but the kids aren’t impressed. They want back outside.
  • One programmatic partner shared how a group of neighborhood friends used to challenge themselves to not only climb trees, but travel from tree to tree without touching the ground! He recalled that after one boy fell thirty feet and broke his arm, no one was phased. The boy was happy to return to the treetops a few days later, in a cast.
  • Several people shared on the love of a good ol’ dirt pile. Sometimes connecting with nature can be a simple as playing in dirt!

We were lucky to be hosted in the amazing PS 377 STEAM Lab which features hydroponics and some great nature-themed posters.

This Spring, we’re focused on uplifting Indigenous knowledge in our schoolyards. We reviewed stewardship resources, lessons, and process through a Lenape lens.

We always love to practice what we preach, so we made sure to get out in the garden and playground. First, Grow NYC demos how we can make sun-maps as part of an early Spring planting plan.

The Movement Creative led us in some nature themed games. We need what kids need! It’s so fun to watch grown-ups giggle, run around, and feel more awake after some movement in the schoolyard.

We heard from our own TPLer on how food scraps can create beautiful fabric dyes.

See our slides here – the end few include ideas from the mini-grant.

Thank you for joining us!

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