Learning in the Playground

IMG_8206Your school playground is an extension of your classroom and can provide real world experiences to facilitate STEM education, literacy, and environmental education. In the posts below you will be able to find  activities and curriculum resources utilizing your outdoor playground space. 


  • Urban Math Trails partnered with us to develop Trust for Public Land-specific playground math lessons for K-5 (we tried these activities out with middle-schoolers and they were a kit math-review with them too!).
  • NYC’s Water Story: A Curriculum Guide for the Classroom a compilation of successful STEM lessons and activities, designed to support an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to teaching about NYC’s water systems. 
  • Trees New York has tree care tip and videos while and The NYC Street Tree Map allows you to explore the trees in your schools neighborhood, and learn about each species.  
  • The Climate & Urban Systems Partnership developed a crowd-sourced map of New York City, which allows citizens to map Green Infrastructure, explore water cycles in the city, and learns about innovations to make NYC more resilient in the face of climate change.
  • The Welikia Project (formerly known as the Mannahatta Project) allows you to time travel to explore the ecology of your school’s neighborhood 400 hundred years ago. An exploration on human-impact can be found through their curriculum offerings.
  • Find more in our Full NYC Stewardship Manual