NYC Playgrounds visits Earth Day TX

This April, The NYC Playgrounds Program traveled to Texas to join the Trust for Public Land’s Dallas office to celebrate at the largest Earth Day event in the US!

We made wildflower seed-bombs using seeds native to the Dallas area. Texas is an important stopping ground for Monarchs migrating from Canada on their way to Mexico. All you need is red clay powder, compost, native seeds, and a little water. Mix, roll up, let dry, and then have fun throwing them wherever seeds can grow!

Our “Let it Rain” interactive  stormwater demonstration was also a hit. The kids loved seeing if they could capture all the flood water in their model city using sponges that represented various Green Infrastructure elements like parks, green roofs, and bioswales.


The event had hundreds of businesses, non-profits, and public services (I loved being neighbors to the National Parks Service set up) represented. There was also an incredible program of speakers including Karenna Gore and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In the above Polaroid (a project we were doing to record visitors to our booth),  Mr. Kennedy is pictured with our president and CEO Will Rogers.


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