What We Do

Since 1996, The Trust for Public Land’s New York City Playgrounds Program has helped transform more than 200 public schoolyards from barren asphalt lots into vibrant play spaces that offer play equipment, athletic facilities, gardens, and opportunities for environmental education.

Stewardship and Activation Overview

Find more in our Full NYC Stewardship Manual

See this short video on how our playground transformations support healthy communities.


What is your school’s vision for your new community playground?

The Trust for Public Land can help support your playground through student programs, teacher training, maintenance tips, stewardship mini-grants, and by connecting you to resources, programmatic partners, and other playground communities.

Tree Care and Gardening

From the first planting day to years down the road, we can help your school form a student Green Team or Playground Committee to tackle weeds, pollinators, and grow flowers and veggies. We offer garden materials including seeds, bulbs, and transplants every year through our Annual Garden Survey.

Recess, P.E. and After-school Programs

We can help you set up connect to organization the help organize running, movement, or adventure-play pop-ups!

Learning in the Playground

Dive into nature journaling in ELA, water cycles in Science, or our “Math in the Playground” lessons in Math.

Community Events and Programs

Form a “Friends-Of the Playground” group or Playground Committee to plan events, steward your garden space, start a sports league, begin a weekend arts program, or host a seasonal community festival or health fair.

Playground Maintenance

We can help with replacement parts, turf warranties, tree pruning, and tips for keeping your space safe and beautiful for all.


We want to hear from you and share your stories and successes.

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