Playground Maintenance

We really believe that positive programming and well loved spaces crowd out negative use. However, our playgrounds serve thousands of students and families every week, and all that use is bound to lead to some wear and tear over time. We want to know when something goes wrong so we can help address it right away! Here are some links to resources on maintenance and stewardship topics that come up most often:

Playground Maintenance Basics

Gator bags for Watering Trees

Tree Care Tips

Mulch for tree pits, gardens, paths, and outdoor classrooms. 

Creating a Garden Plan or “Who has the key to the shed?!”

Winterizing your Playground

Basic Weeding Tips

Out of the Weeds: Custodial Training!

Weeds that are Trees – get them while they’re small!

Working with Native Plants

Requesting a Bike Rack

Look out for these pests

Find more in our Full NYC Stewardship Manual