How to Thin Seeds

A few weeks ago, we covered how to plant seeds. No matter how precise you aim to be in planting, it’s likely that your seeds will sprout in little groups. We don’t want to sprouts to be too crowded as they get larger. You want each plant to have enough room to grow big without competing for space, sunshine, and water.

It’s a simple process to thin your seeds:

  1. Put on your garden gloves .
  2. Water your sprouts. I find this helps you remove the sprouts your thinning with more ease and keeps the soil from blowing away.
  3. Choose the healthiest looking sprout to leave in place and gently pull out the sprouts crowding the healthiest looking one.
  4. If there’s space nearby, replant the sprouts you pulled.
  5. Do a little dance. Your sprouts are growing!

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