What’s Good in My Hood?


The New York Restoration Project has a big activities and resource library on everything from tree planting, windowsill gardens, and plant part experiments which we encourage you to checkout. Since the Trust for Pubic Land loves to center students in their playground design process, we especially love NYRP’s activities for cultivating environmentally literate urban citizens.

With lots of talk in how to put decision making back in the hands of local communities, teacher’s can start the conversation with NYRP’s service-learning workbook for investigating the resources, nature, and culture of your local neighborhood. Many of these activities could be explored right from your school’s playground.

The Workbook had 5 Units:

Unit 1 looks closely at the familiar, and has students observe what’s really happening in their neighborhood.

Unit 2 takes a close look at the living things in the neighborhood and has students assess what’s thriving and what is struggling to survive.

Unit 3 covers a subject near and dear to the NYC Playgrounds Program: water and green infrastructure!

Unit 4 explores the neighborhood’s connection to food and food-plants.

Unit 5 dives into improving your neighborhood through civic engagement!

Let us know how you use this workbook!

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