Pop-Up Adventure Play Grants

We strongly believe that play is good for kids. It’s first and foremost good for its own sake, but we also know it’s developmentally crucial, helps students learn to assess risk, collaborate, and hones their critical thinking skills. We hope your TPL playgrounds is not only a space for recreation and outdoor learning but also a place where kids get to be kids outside of the stresses of testing and academics.

Read here for tips on hosting your own Pop-Up loose parts playground event.

All New Yorkers, including school administrators/teachers, are eligible to receive a toolkit to organize a play pop-up and a $500 micro-grant to support the pop-up’s organization in one of the 5 boroughs: https://www.changex.org/us/playgroundNYC

The grant includes a toolkit and a mentor to help get your play event going.

This project is available through a collaboration between Play:Ground NYC and Pop-Up Adventure Play. It’d be an excellent playground activation during recess, after school, or on the weekend. I could see a community organization or PTA taking advantage of this funding opportunity. Please reach out if you’d like to discuss!

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