Seeding Civic Engagement through your Playground

“Research suggests that youth learn to be political by forming attachments to their communities and accessing opportunities in the settings of their everyday lives.” Wray-Lake, Laura, “How Do Young People Become Politically Engaged?” Child Development Perspectives

BROOKLYN, NY- Photo by Joe Martinez from the New York Trust for Public Land playground opening ceremony at PS 156 Waverly and LS 392 on September 20, 2019.

By being involved in the programs and spaces of their communities, kids feel more connected and empowered to be active in political life down the road. Keep that in mind as you think of ways to utilize this Summer/Fall’s Playgrounds Resource Mini-grant. We’ll accept applications for the grant on a rolling basis throughout the summer – we’re able to reimburse schools, PTAs, or Non-profit Community Partners for the cost of events or reoccurring programs, stewardship materials, volunteer stipends, or materials for safely opening the yard in the range of $200-$1500. If you have a vision for a partnership that required more funds, please get in touch and we can research funding possibilities together.

Though Covid-19 kept us from gathering for our Annual Stewardship Workshop, the NYC Department of School Facilities has been given the okay this week to open school’s Community Playgrounds to communities this Summer. More than ever, there’s a focus on Community-based Programs to build positive connections, foster healthy neighborhoods, and empower young people to shape the life outside their front doors. We’d love to support your vision in safely re-opening and programming your playgrounds.

So today’s lesson: fostering joy, fun, and community in your playground is in itself a political act. Happy Summer!

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